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With all the marketing tools available today, choosing the best venue to promote your property can be somewhat confusing. You can even get lost in it all. Hopefully, this will help a bit.

The Big Picture
Be sure to share the best possible photos of your house.

Sure, you can place a billboard at the entrance of your favorite city limit, print brochures and more… but it all starts with quality photography.

One of the first things you will notice is that you are not the only one listing a rental property. Competition for vacation rentals is fierce today, so you must stand out from the rest. Showcase your property with the best tools made available to you.

Your Audience
Make a list of your ideal audience.

Ask yourself a few questions…

Where do you expect most of your audience to come from, and then make sure that your marketing campaign aims directly at them first.

Best Tools
Be sure to include all the simple tools made available to you, especially if they are “free”.

Facebook cannot be ignored – especially when you are promoting your very own property for rent or for sale. Let your friends know. After all, they may know a friend interested in your property.

Take 7 to 9 photos of your property, your concise property description and be sure to also send them to:

Your local tourism office
Craig’s List and similar
Your favorite property management company

Create business cards listing your property’s website – and don’t just look at them… pass them around like they were free (because they pretty much are).

If or when possible, get a Virtual Tour. This has been proven to work by attracting more people, and keeping visitors on YOUR property longer. The longer they look at your property, the more they will immerse themselves onto your property, and the less time they have to look at others houses. Simple math: get a tour to rent more often.

Perfect Tool
Truth be told though, there is no perfect tool.

You will have to sort and use tools best geared for your audience, your budget, and your area. You must be pro-active – even if you reach out to a Property Management Company.

Property Management Company
As mentioned before, you will want to send them professional photos of your property, your description, its amenities, etc…

In an ideal world, you will also have a virtual tour completed for your vacation rental. In this case, you’ll want to make sure that the company you have chosen to promote your property can actually include a direct link to your virtual tour. This is very easy, but some companies are still not equipped for this. Ask, before you sign !

If you are unsure, have them give us a call.

Your first goal will be to have a single photograph that will attract the visitor to click on your property (remember that a visitor may have 50 other properties to choose from).

Second, you’ll want to give them a bit of a tease with 4 to 9 of the best possible photos.

Third, and your main goal: get your visitor to click on your virtual tour. This will ensure that they immerge themselves on YOUR property, and take an interest.

Avoid providing 30 photos for your property. You are much better off getting them to click on you tour.

Take it One Step Further
Now that you have access to your virtual tour with interactive floor plans, you will also be able to share this online with ease. Sharing on Facebook will be simple: one link, direct to your property.

Your virtual tour will often include area attractions & activities – so you are sure to make your audience dream a little.


When it’s all said and done, think “outside the box”. Often times, there will be two or three potential renters for every 20 properties. Yours must stand out from the bunch – so showcase it !



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