It’s Time !


Warm (or cold) – there’s always time to enjoy an area

You are owner of a vacation property. Your busy season starts in late June. Specifically, your busy season in France is July and August – perhaps a little bit in September where you still see a few rental requests.

Ask yourself: Why is your ocean property not doing so well during the months May, June, October, November and December ?

Here are some facts…
You probably don’t think that your area is nice enough during the above months. Please remember that the fresh ocean air your are breathing is nothing but a luxury to someone living in Paris.

The chances of rain is pretty high during the above season. Do you realize that a rainy day in Brittany is better than a rainy day in Paris?

There are plenty of vacationers enjoying your area during this « so called » dead season. You just need to tap into that market so that they rent from you.

January and February are sometimes brutal in Brittany and similar places. You don’t think that you can attract anyone then… Well, know that any season is a good season to enjoy a home welcoming, home-made local meal. Your Bed & Breakfast has a lot to gain.

How to Tap into this market?
There’s no secret; you will have to attract people to your property. It takes a little bit of time and effort (at least until the word gets out). Without a doubt, you will need to prepare everything ahead of time.

Start Early
A three-month head start is minimum when it comes to marketing your property.

Make a List
Start with a very simple list of all the positives that your area offers during the slower season. Add to it, with: what your property offers, and with what you can offer personally.

Make Another List
This time, write down all the advantages of traveling off season (you know: less crowd)

Time to Review
Review your property description. Do not exaggerate, but don’t forget to make it appealing.

Closer Look
Take a closer look at your photos. Perhaps you have more recent (and better) photos that you can now upload. Replacing the old ones is almost always a good thing.

Make the Move
Hire a local photographer, because what goes around, COMES AROUND. In fact, everyone is likely to benefit by you calling upon professional services.

First Impression
Always remember: the first impression counts. It goes without saying, photos will be of great importance, but you have to review the way you greet people, the way you tell them what is included, but more importantly the way you let them know what is NOT included.

You are French?
Well, don’t worry… that’s okay. You can definitely show your new clientele that there are many welcoming French individuals, who legitimately care.



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